About Altari

Altari is the pioneer of cultural luxury. The brand embodies the customs and traditions of founders Elvira and Alessio. Theirs is a story of connecting worlds and preserving cultures to deepen and redefine what it means to experience luxury.

Like its founders, Altari represents a confluence of east and west. Alessio has his roots near Naples, in Southern Italy, at the very core of Italy’s artisanal ‘savoir faire’. Elvira was brought up in Tatarstan, a haven for 'eastern' culture in the center of Russia and home to the art of leather mosaics - a fusion of Central Asian patterns and Tatar stitching techniques that date back to the 7th century.

In reflection of its founders, Altari is a metaphor for cultural innovation. At Altari, contemporary glamour and unparalleled craftsmanship are underlined by artisanal tradition.

Sleek, horn-shaped arabesques cut from the finest Italian leathers are bound together by masters of the mosaic using their ancestral embroidery technique and a thick pearled thread.

World-class Neapolitan bag makers bond these bright motifs into elegantly crafted handbags to deliver a collection that is both timeless and unique, transcendent of any trend.

In purchasing an Altari design you’re not simply buying another handbag. You’re acquiring a unique piece of art, our shared human cultural heritage, and preserving its existence for future generations to live and discover.